EM Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electro Optic Systems Holdings, announced its partnership with the US-based organisation, MVSEA. The alliance will help provide US  Navy, Military Sealift Command and Coast Guard greater access to the advanced products developed by EM Solutions.

EM Solutions has had global success as multiple allied Navies deploy its tri-band Cobra maritime terminal, and has already received firm orders for its forthcoming Fleet terminal, which is a larger primary communications systems for all types of naval platforms. Dr Rowan Gilmore, CEO of EM Solutions said, “We are now ready to serve the US Navy as a valued customer, and we are excited that MVSEA will be supporting us in this engagement.”

MVSEA will leverage its relationships with academia, business, and former government and military experts to assist EM Solutions in the US. RADM (Ret’d) Brad Williamson, CEO of MVSEA, said, “We are excited to work with EM Solutions in developing plans to enable their cutting-edge and mature product line of communications equipment to be able to support US Navy platforms.”


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