Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) together with Edith Cowan University (ECU) announced the winners of three inaugural LMA sponsored student achievement awards as part of a partnership to help grow a sovereign capability of computer science and cyber security experts of the future. The 2020 award-winning ECU graduating recipients of the LMA sponsored awards included Kristy Lee Michael, who was awarded the Lockheed Martin Australia Indigenous Student in Computing and Security Award; Joseph Slodowy, who received the Lockheed Martin Australia Computer Science Award; and Heide Fisher, who was awarded the Lockheed Martin Australia Women in Computing and Security Award.

In support of ECU’s School of Science annual Prize Giving Award Ceremony, LMA has contributed $13,500 in prize money over three years to recognise excellence across the field of computer science and cyber.

Kendell Kuczma, Business Development Engagement Lead, Lockheed Martin Australia, said “We are committed to partnering with Edith Cowan University, a national leader in cyber security research, and other universities across Australia to advance STEM as a critical career focus as Australia’s future success depends on a constant supply of homegrown highly trained, capable talent with the essential skills to disrupt and prevent cyber threats from impacting Australians. It is with great pleasure that I congratulate Kristy, Joseph and Heide on being the first ECU graduates to receive the LMA computing science awards. An inspiring achievement that recognises their knowledge, hard work and expertise in computing science and sets a high bar for future students to strive for excellence in the cyber domain,” Kuczma said.


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