Hypersonix Launch Systems will work with advanced manufacturing specialist Romar Engineering to develop scalable solutions for sustainable space flight. The two companies have signed a framework agreement under which they will collaborate on 3D printing and other manufacturing techniques to support a commercially viable space industry. Hypersonix is an Australian aerospace engineering, design and build company developing scramjet engines and hypersonic vehicles for sustainable and affordable access to space. Romar Engineering is a long-established contract manufacturer with an outstanding reputation for developing specialised plastic products for highly regulated industries.

Romar has moved quickly over the past few years to take their engineering expertise and deep understanding of metal additive manufacturing into the fast-growing space sector. Last week Romar Engineering scooped the lion’s share, A$5.8 million, of the Australian government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) Space grant.

David Waterhouse, Managing Director of Hypersonix, described this as an outstanding and enviable achievement from which great things would flow. “Our framework agreement, for example, is the first step in finding ways and the right project fit to get the opportunity to work with another forward-thinking Australian business,” Waterhouse said. “Romar is as enthusiastic and serious about growing the Australian space industry as we are and we are excited to have found a fantastic local expert who will support us on our journey to fly to space in a ‘green’ way.”

It is happy days for Romar’s Head of Additive Manufacturing Steve Milanoski, who moved down under in 2019 following his work at SpaceX. His knowledge is second to none when it comes to the design and manufacture of fluid and motion control devices incorporating metal additive manufacturing. Milanoski said “We are excited to show off our capabilities in additive manufacturing and are very happy to get this opportunity working with the Hypersonix team. Their purpose of flying to space in a green and sustainable way with re-usable engines and launch vehicles powered by green hydrogen has fascinated us since the day we met them earlier this year.”

Alan Lipman, CEO of Romar Engineering added: “With the MMI grant and this framework agreement, it is all coming together quite nicely. For Romar this is only the start, we have big plans ahead and I know for a fact so does the team at Hypersonix. Working together will help us both bring these to fruition.”


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