US Marine Corps Program Manager for Training Systems has awarded Saab the Force on Force Training Systems – Next (FoFTS-Next) Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC). The contract has a potential value of US$127.9 million. The FoFTS-Next SATOC will include U.S. Marine Corps Training Instrumentation Systems (MCTIS) equipment, logistics, and training exercise support. Through this framework agreement with future task orders exercised, Saab will provide a full turnkey live training capability to include equipment deliveries for individual Marine weapons and vehicles, as well as logistics and maintenance support and training exercise support at all major US Marine Corps installations worldwide.

“Ensuring the readiness of our Armed Forces is the foundation of all Saab training systems. The Saab Live MCTIS Training System is a proven solution that will provide interoperability training to prepare our US Marines for combat effectiveness across multi-domain operations,” said Erik Smith, president and CEO of Saab in the US.

The Saab next-generation Live MCTIS Training System will replace the US Marine Corps’ current Instrumentation and Tactical Engagement Simulation System (ITESS) equipment. Through innovative use of technology and a well-proven training philosophy, Saab offers world leading training solutions and capabilities enabling interoperability and true realism for land forces. Saab offers solutions for live training, live fire training, virtual training, and training services.


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