and French space technology company MECANO ID announced that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The agreement reinforces XTEK’s commitment to establishing strategic, sovereign space capabilities and expertise and positions XTEK to work closely with MECANO ID, an industry leader in the global space sector. The MoU describes the partnership of the two companies working towards international space market programs, with XTEK to become an advanced composite product supplier to MECANO ID, and MECANO ID acting as a space system development service provider to XTEK.

MECANO ID, based in Toulouse, France, is an accredited space systems provider (ISO 9001, EN 9100) mainly dedicated to spacecraft structures and is recognised by the French Space Agency CNES as industry leaders in the development of advanced mechanical and thermal systems for spacecraft and space payloads. For over 25 years MECANO ID has developed cutting-edge expertise spanning the engineering, qualification, manufacture, and integration of space structures using advanced composite materials and has fulfilled many international collaborations in space business.

XTEK has developed a proprietary solution to manufacturing advanced composite material systems; XTclave. This processing solution is well suited to space applications as its ultra-high consolidation pressures manufactures lighter, stronger, more complicated composite geometries when compared with conventional processing methods. XTEK and MECANO ID will through this MoU be able to exploit for their mutual benefit, commercial and/or grant opportunities in the domestic and international space technology markets.


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