Without skilled and fully trained aircrew, modern helicopters and fixed wing aircraft in ADF service cannot perform to their full potential. Australia is investing heavily in advanced training systems. Navy and Army pilots fly helicopters, while Air Force pilots currently fly a wide range of fixed wing aircraft and will shortly be operating large Triton and Reaper remotely piloted fixed wing aircraft.

The Basic Military Flying Training of 25 weeks is conducted at RAAF Base East Sale, Victoria. The PC21 Air Trainer, simulators and part-task trainers as well as formal lectures and self-paced study are used in this phase of training.

Read more in the current issue of APDR (Free to read with registration or via Facebook/Linkedin): https://venturaapdr.partica.online/apdr/apdr-feb-2020/features/adf-fixed-and-rotary-wing-flying-training


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