Singapore Aviation CheckBohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a leading global developer of military simulation and training software, is pleased to announce a partnership with, the developer of a 3D Digital Twin of Earth and a range of AI-based geospatial technologies. Together, they plan to deliver unprecedented realism in whole-Earth terrain generation through combing BISim’s Mantle ETM and’s SYNTH3D geospatial solution.

“As we launch our partnership with, we’re excited about the unprecedented quality of terrain that our customers will be able to experience. SYNTH3D paired with Mantle ETM’s support for multiple runtime engines will enable customers to leverage simulation like never before,” says BISim CPO Pete Morrison.

The collaboration between BISim and will enable customers to acquire highly accurate recreations of real-world locations for mission planning, rehearsal or training based on little more than high-resolution satellite data. This aligns with NATO’s direction and global partners’ goals to accelerate defence training and simulation and improve multi-domain capabilities. BISim’s flagship product, VBS4, will be fully supported, in addition to other Mantle ETM supported runtimes including Unreal.

“With this partnership, any real-world location becomes available as a current and photorealistic 3D training environment. and BISim are the perfect combinations for everyone looking for country-scale real-world mission planning and mission rehearsal environments,” says Michael Putz, CEO of

BISim’s Mantle ETM is a custom-built platform based on proven COTS components and expert design/development services for creating simulated terrain for training, mission rehearsal, visualisation and terrain analysis. A Mantle ETM installation delivers a cloud-capable custom terrain pipeline that works with your data, processes, servers, and runtimes, integrating with your existing terrain capabilities or delivering a full end-to-end solution from scratch.’s 3D Base Globe, derived from high-resolution and current satellite data, is named SYNTH3D.’s proprietary format allows storing and using the surface of the entire globe offline and using it as a multi-domain, massive multiplayer-ready synthetic training and simulation environment.

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