The Brazilian Army, through the Comando Logistico (COLOG) / Diretoria de Material (DMat), has chosen the Centauro II 120 mm system made by Società Consortile Iveco – Oto Melara (CIO) as top of the list within the procurement process named Viatura Blindada de Cavalaria Média Sobre Rodas (VBC Cav – MSR 8×8).

The Centauro II armoured vehicle is a wheeled 8×8 system fitted with 120 mm armament, representing the top in the sector in terms of power, observation, mobility, ergonomics, firing performance, communication and crew protection.

The 8×8 Centauro II is powered by a 720HP engine from IVECO, has a digital tyre pressure control system but the tyres are also capable of running flat. CIO state that the Centauro II has a redesigned hull chassis and turret design and add-on ballistic armor compared to older iterations of the vehicle. The Centauro II’s will be armed with the 120/45mm smoothbore gun from OTO Melara. This will represent the Brazilian Army’s most significant mobile direct fire system.

The Iveco – Oto Melara Consortium, CIO for short, was established in 1985 on an equal participation basis between Iveco Defence Vehicles and former Oto Melara, now Leonardo. Within the Consortium, Iveco Defence Vehicles, an Iveco Group company, provides for the engines, transmission and all the automotive components, as well as the hull and final assembly, while Leonardo handles the weapon systems, sight, command and control communication systems, as well as the hull and final assembly of tracked armoured vehicles. Both companies have consolidated experience in the field of protection against direct fire, mines and IEDs.

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