Land Forces 24 728x90 WEB 240202 01HMAS Sydney has departed for its regional presence deployment as part of the Australian Defence Force’s continued commitment to regional security. The Hobart class guided-missile destroyer, with its embarked MH-60R Seahawk helicopter and crew of approximately 200 personnel, was farewelled by loved ones at Fleet Base East last week.

During the four-month deployment, HMAS Sydney will participate in the world’s largest international maritime exercise, Exercise RIMPAC, Exercise Pacific Dragon and Operation Argos – the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to international efforts to enforce United Nations Security Council sanctions against North Korea.

HMAS Sydney will also conduct activities with regional partners aimed at improving cooperation, interoperability and interchangeability. RIMPAC 24 will combine some 40 surface ships, four submarines, 14 national land forces, more than 170 aircraft and approximately 25,000 personnel from 30 nations, offering a unique training opportunity while fostering relationships crucial for regional security.

Joint Force Maritime Component Commander, Commodore Jonathan Ley, said regional presence deployments demonstrated Australia’s commitment to engaging closely with allies and partners as part of maintaining a near-continuous presence in the Indo-Pacific region.

“I wish the commanding officer of HMAS Sydney, Commander Grant Coleman, and his crew all the very best as they go forward representing Australia on this important deployment,” Commodore Ley said.

Commander Coleman said the crew were looking forward to the privilege of representing Australia at Exercise RIMPAC and throughout the rest of their deployment. “Representing Australia at the world’s biggest international maritime exercise and in the many other activities ahead of us is a huge privilege,” Commander Coleman said. “The importance of this deployment and the responsibility we shoulder as we take the baton of duty from HMAS Hobart is not lost on myself or HMAS Sydney’s crew.”

HMAS Sydney will return to Fleet Base East, Sydney, in October.


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  1. HMAS Sydney is the only asset attending RIMPAC. No aircraft, no submarines, no LHD’s. The Australian government has been completely reckless and incompetent in the manner it has dealt with Defence. This is not a Labor versus Liberal argument, as they have been as bad as one another, but the demise of the Australian Defence Force that is now only a shadow of what it once was does not bode well for any future conflict. As Tucker Carlson recently said in Sydney, if we want to believe that the Americans will come a running if China goes rogue (notice how we have forgotten about Indonesia considering what occurred in East Timor) we are completely deluding ourselves. Ask the Kurds or the pro American forces in Afghanistan how the American “commitment” went. If we believe America will come to our aid because we are a “Five Eyes” nation or a “white” nation, think again. Self interest and the coming isolationist policies of a war weary America will be highlighted in the coming years. Yes, the Americans will be happy to sell us the equipment, but the Marines aren’t coming over the hill. Australia in it’s ignorant and delusional attitude towards defending this country will as I have stated before, be worried about the correct pronouns usage while the barbarians are smashing down the gate. While I hate to call it, I believe the window of opportunity to have a robust defence force has all but closed.


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