NGThe classified nature of information handled by the NCI Agency in supporting communication between NATO’s member nations means that it is critical that all communications remain secure, combatting efforts to electronically eavesdrop on conversations. NATO regulations prescribe four levels of communications security, and the NCI Agency has awarded SecuSUITE Security Accreditation for secure communications. This allows NATO to extend SecuSUITE as a solution of choice for conducting secure voice and messaging communications across NATO globally.

“Security is imperative in times of peace and conflict, and we need to be confident that calls and messages sent within the NATO alliance remain completely confidential at all times. This is particularly true of secure communications, where our cyber-defense strategy has a particular focus. BlackBerry SecuSUITE enables our teams to use their smartphones for secure, encrypted contact inside and outside of the network, whatever their location,” said Jean-Paul Massart, Chief NATO Digital Workplace at NCI Agency.

SecuSUITE multi-platform technology protects against eavesdropping threats to national security communications of global governments and sensitive business communications of enterprise executives. End-to-end encryption of voice calls and text messages secures one-to-one calls, group calls and messaging across international networks. SecuSUITE also ensures that calls from foreign networks to any standard mobile or VoIP phones are also protected.

“Recent world events have emphasised the importance of watertight communications security. Information in the wrong hands can be dynamite and the NATO alliance is keenly aware of how important it is to secure their mobile communication flows to protect its people and operations. Receiving NATO accreditation underlines NATO’s trust in our technology and we’re honoured to continue our support for the organisation’s work,” said Christoph Erdmann, senior vice president Secusmart at BlackBerry.

SecuSUITE has a history of Common Criteria certifications based on National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Security Protection Profiles and continues to be available under the U.S Commercial Solutions for Classified Component List.

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