Dimdex Web Ads Asian Press Group banner 728x90South Australian owned and operated QMS, has strengthened its sovereign capability over the last 18 months by investing more than half a million dollars into training a workforce capable of supporting the emerging needs of the defence manufacturing sector.

Specialising in maritime non-destructive testing, inspection and production services, QMS’ workforce has grown from seven to 45 permanent staff in just five years, through internal traineeship programs.

CEO, Crystal Kennedy said the company’s focus on building a highly skilled workforce, is a significant boost for the South Australian defence manufacturing sector and will directly support future demand for labour. “The ability to rapidly deploy skilled labour as the State moves closer towards operationalising major defence contracts, particularly in the maritime sector is critical. At QMS, we are passionate about enticing new personnel into our industry from other trade backgrounds, with QMS’ trainee and apprenticeship programs specifically targeting and educating new audiences to enter the NDT and NACE sector.”

Recognising the skilled workforce challenges ahead for Australia over the course of the next decade was one of the key drivers for QMS’ decision to funnel trainees through specialised Nuclear and Non-Destructive Testing training.

“Poaching qualified staff to fulfil skills gaps isn’t a sustainable model and is why we have invested heavily in growing the capabilities of our workforce through dedicated training. Not only does this benefit us but the clients we service,” said Kennedy.

In a move to further bolster sovereign capability, QMS has also secured several critical certifications, including the Lloyds Register certification for their services, directly enabling work on future defence contracts, including the Hunter Class fleet.

“QMS is the only Australian owned company operating in South Australia to hold both the Lloyds certification and a Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership for the work we do. We are committed to servicing the South Australian market as a 100 percent SA owned family business,” said Kennedy.

QMS Managing Director Shaun Kennedy said that coupled with QMS’s organic growth the company is also firmly focussed on continued investment in R&D and innovation. “While QMS has undergone significant organic growth over the last five years, our strong and continued investment in research and development means we are well placed to step up and service the defence industry and primes,” said Shaun Kennedy.

Headquartered in the Osborne Naval Maritime precinct, QMS also has offices in Whyalla, Roxby Downs and Perth, which service over 180 clients across defence, mining and manufacturing sectors.


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