Rheinmetall has received a new and important contract for the German Air Force. The framework contract, awarded by the German procurement agency BAAINBw, is currently worth up to €13 million and will run over the next three years.

Between 2022 and 2025, Rheinmetall will supply its customer with 16 new mobile start units with integrated ground power (MSU-GP). The contract also includes the retrofit of 48 MSU-E units currently in service to the most recent MSU-GP version. The German Air Force has been using the Rheinmetall MSU to start its entire fleet of aircraft, including the Eurofighter, since 2014. This contract hence continues a business relationship that has been successful for decades.

Designed to prioritise reliability and versatility, the Rheinmetall MSU-GP is a dependable solution for any takeoff. As the only turbine-powered air start unit, it is lighter to deploy and more compact than a diesel engine unit. Air transportable and proven across the globe even in extreme weather environments, the MSU-GP delivers. And integrated ground power means 2-for-1: it saves critical space with both a bleed air and electrical power supply in a single unit, while improving cost effectiveness.

Rheinmetall’s mobile start units (MSU) have both military and commercial applications and a broad international appeal. These units are found in airports around the globe: more than 1200 have been sold in more than 40 countries. On the military side, Rheinmetall MSUs are not only used with the German Air Force, but are also in operation with the US Navy who employs them on all of their aircraft carriers.

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