parari24 728x90The Schiebel Group is strengthening its European footprint by establishing Schiebel Aéronaval SAS in Toulon, France. The CAMCOPTER S-100 has been in service with the French Ministry of Armed Forces since 2012. In order to more closely support this successful partnership and meet the operational requirements of the Armed Forces in case of major engagements, Schiebel has established a company in France, situated close to its customer, in Toulon. The new Schiebel entity will provide localised support for the French Navy’s fleet of S-100 within the framework of a five-year contract DMAé (Direction de la Maintenance Aéronautique) awarded to Schiebel at the end of 2023.

Schiebel Aéronaval SAS will house a production and repair facility to conduct the assembly and maintenance of the S-100 systems for the French Navy and other customers. The new Schiebel company will also have a training department to train operators and maintenance technicians. Furthermore and significantly, the entity is intended to become the main European production and payload integration site for the evolving CAMCOPTER S-300.

Schiebel Aéronaval SAS embeds itself into the French Aerospace industrial network, works closely with other local French companies and is expected to generate many employment opportunities in the Toulon area.

“We are extremely proud to count France, renowned for its emphasis on strategic autonomy, among the CAMCOPTER S-100 users. Opening a facility in Toulon not only enables us to serve the French Navy better, but also to be closer to our French industrial partners and benefit from the advantages of the region, including direct access to the sea. We are more than excited about the new opportunities this important step will bring,” said Lubos Sramek, CEO of Schiebel Aéronaval SAS.


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  1. I guess we’ll never know how good these things are or how much they would have enhanced the capability of our ADF. Honestly,I’ve never seen a Government so he’ll bent on degrading the capabilities the ADF . They insisted that the DSR was vitally necessary but everything they do ignores the very Document they insisted on having and paid millions for.

    • It’s bizarre – though it was the RAN that cancelled the contract, with no explanation and no alternate plan to acquire rotary-wing UAS. It’s just all too difficult.

    • Isn’t it strange how the RAN made them useless by removing the 57mm main gun, the quadpack of surface-to-surface missiles, the helicopter ILS, the fire control radar and the 2 x 20mm guns secondary armament – all on the Bruneian ships – and are now complaining that they are useless. Oh – and has achieved this magnificent outcome by spending $4 billion. If there has been a worse managed RAN project I would like to see it – though there is some competition.

      • Yes, you have to hand it to them.
        They’ve excelled themselves in the one thing they are apparently good at.
        Take a proven patrol boat design, add a dash of RAN, a scoop of DoD, a pinch of politics and the end result is something that can perform no useful function at all.


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