On July 21st, the European Commission approved the funding by the European Defence Fund (EDF) of defence industry Consortium FAMOUS2 proposal for European Future Highly Mobile Augmented Armoured Systems. The follow-up of the FAMOUS project, FAMOUS2 aims at developing future modular ground vehicles and enabling technologies, including green technologies.

Already a member of the Consortium and part of the FAMOUS effort, Arquus is very pleased to be part of FAMOUS2, alongside coordinator Patria from Finland, fellow French major Defense company and partner Nexter, as well as 15 other leading companies from Finland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Norway, Latvia and Denmark.

The project is supported by nine countries including France and will be funded by the EU just short of 95 million euros. It is a major step forward for European defence industrial cooperation, as well as for Arquus which will take part in a most ambitious and exciting land defence program which should help shape the future of European land defence.
The FAMOUS2 project aims at developing innovative technological building blocks for the next generation armoured platforms and upgrading existing platforms, such as future all-terrain vehicles (ATV), light armoured vehicles (LAV) and Main Battle Tank (MBT).
It is building on the ongoing EDIDP 2020 FAMOUS project, thus following up the research on vehicles and systems concepts during this precursor project.

The FAMOUS2 project should start by 2023 and end by 2026 and will focus on vehicle architecture, which will be followed by the designing, building and testing of prototypes developed in that framework.

As a specialist of light and medium armoured vehicles, as well as propulsion and energy management, Arquus will play a major role within FAMOUS2, especially in vehicle architecture, mobility and power.

Through this project, Arquus will participate in enhancing the capabilities, innovation and cooperation levels among European Defense key players.”

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