solutions provider HENSOLDT is putting its latest technologies in sensor data fusion and analysis at the service of increased protection for the Eurofighter. By combining its Spectrum Battle Management Suite (SBMS), which creates a situation picture from a huge amount of Electronic Warfare (EW) data, with an advanced version of the evaluation software of the Eurofighter self-protection system “Praetorian”, the so-called Electronic Warfare Data Analyser (EWDA), HENSOLDT has developed a tool that allows mission data of the Eurofighter to be evaluated much faster and more precisely and to be used for programming future missions.

“The amount of data that modern sensors deliver today can only be partially utilised with today’s evaluation mechanisms,” says Roland Castor Head of Spectrum Dominance at HENSOLDT. “With the help of our Spectrum Battle Management Suite, we were able to develop an automated solution that proves its worth, especially in the demanding operational scenarios of the Eurofighter. The assertiveness and protection of aircraft and pilots is thus improved once again.”

Modern electronic self-protection systems, such as that of the Eurofighter, require system settings that tell the system on which frequencies threats are to be expected and which jamming techniques should be used. These system settings are taken from recorded reconnaissance data from previous missions. The more accurate and comprehensive this mission data can be evaluated, the better the self-protection system can be programmed for the next mission.

The SBMS software enables mission planning of Electronic Warfare (EW) operations based on reconnaissance results from radar and radio signals (Signal Intelligence, SIGINT). It is continuously further developed by HENSOLDT and is in use in several NATO and EU countries. Due to its modular software architecture, different workflows can be adapted to different units. The SBMS provides a unified software solution for all EW requirements of modern armed forces with integrated workflows ranging from mission planning, control of reconnaissance and command of jamming systems to database management and data analysis.

On the other hand, the EWDA software ensures the analysis of extensive flight data in the Eurofighter with a focus on Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM). Synthetic laboratory tests are evaluated in real time and complex post-fight analysis is supported. The results ensure the targeted and mission-specific optimisation of system parameters in the Eurofighter self-protection system.

HENSOLDT already supplies the EloKa evaluation software EWDA and SBMS. These will be delivered in a new version towards the end of the year.

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