Singapore Aviation Service InformationDroneShield announced it has begun the rollout of a major update to the DroneSentry-C2 platform. These enhancements are available for all DroneSentry-C2 systems deployed with DroneSentry customers globally, who are enrolled with an active firmware subscription, via secure cloud or on-premise updates.

Following the release of the ground-breaking DroneSentry-C2 SFAI (Sensor Fusion Artificial Intelligence) Engine last quarter, the DroneShield team has worked closely with its customers to refine the user experience and performance of its industry leading capability.

Major enhancements include:

  • New ‘Actions’ Panel – All operator actions required for drone detection and mitigation have been centralised in single quick to use, easy to understand, ‘Actions’ panel. This panel provides real time feedback to the operator as the state of the system changes to deter the threat.
  • Consolidated Notifications Panel – The previous ‘Notifications’ and ‘Alerts’ panels have been removed and consolidated into a unified ‘Notifications’ panel. The result is a cleaner user experience.
  • Mode Selector from Top Bar – With SFAI, the DroneSentry-C2 can be set to run in different modes, Calibration, Monitor and Operational. These modes can now be quickly toggled between any page of the GUI.
  • Improved Detection Event Detail from Analytics – Analytics now displays all relevant detection information from the ‘Replay Event’ tool just as it was for the live flight.
  • Improved Radar Settings – Radar systems will automatically apply masks and filters based on the installation settings selected by the operator. This significantly reduces the amount of manual masking and filtering required.
  • Enhanced WebSocket’s API – DroneSentry-C2 now supports a robust WebSocket’s based API where integrators and third-party systems can connect and received Sensor Fused objects, streamed to them in real time.

Angus Bean, DroneShield Chief Technology Officer, commented, “A key challenge for drone security is reaction time. The speed at which drones can move and their ability to be deployed in close proximity to the target often results in a window of less than 10 seconds. During this time, the system must detect the drone, the operator must assess the situation and countermeasures or otherwise appropriate responses deployed. This update ensures that the DroneShield SFAI engine for detection matches with a high-quality user interface to ensure reaction time.”

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield CEO, added, “DroneShield is unique globally, in being both a sensor developer/manufacturer, as well as designer of own Command-and-Control/C2 system. This enables streamlined end user experience with the DroneShield ecosystem, as well as flexibility to supply customers with sensors, the C2 (utilising a mix of DroneShield and third-party sensors, or both.”

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