EOS Space Systems partnered with Palantir Australia to participate in the Sprint Advanced Concept Training (SACT), a global space operations training event, led by the United States, which took place from 5-9 April. EOS Space Systems and Palantir Australia teams have co-located for the last month to work on combining secure data integration and visualisation of observation data for an Australian-based capability for SACT. This demonstration showcased Palantir Foundry’s capability and EOS’ observation sensor data as an integrated, processed and rendered system for space domain awareness workflows.

Palantir’s Foundry software allows for the integration of siloed data sources into a common operating picture, leading to better data-driven decision making across organisations. Palantir Australia has supported the Australian government and commercial institutions in the region for over 12 years by building software that lets organisations integrate their data, their decisions, and their operations into one platform.

“I am excited about the platform that we are developing together with Palantir. We are bringing EOS’ space surveillance and space domain awareness capabilities into an integrated mission system that is designed to be interoperable with US and other allied networks,” said Professor Craig Smith, CEO of EOS Space Systems. “Palantir’s Foundry is extensible and scalable, and has facilitated the rapid development of new products to provide actionable information for allied space forces.”

Mike Kelly of Palantir Australia said “it has been my privilege to have known and worked with the team at EOS for many years. They are one of the great Australian stories in terms of their remarkable innovation and contribution to our sovereign capability. I am very excited that we had the opportunity to engage in this partnership and to demonstrate the range of uses and practical applications of our Foundry platform.”

EOS Space Systems is a global leader in the design, manufacture, delivery and operation of sensors and systems for space domain awareness (SDA) and space control. For over 35 years EOS has been directing energy beams to space objects for applications including tracking, characterisation, identification, communications, remote manoeuvre and missile defence.

Palantir provides a Space Command and Control (Space C2) capability to the U.S. Space Force, integrating and modeling enormous amounts of space domain datasets into its modern architecture and disseminating data to the operational units to track objects and monitor space traffic.


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