SingaporeHanwha Aerospace, the parent company of Hanwha Defense Australia (HDA), has placed a significant order with New South Wales-based Bisalloy Steel for armour plates for the Egyptian K9, K10 and K11 program.

Hanwha Aerospace entered into the agreement with the Government of Egypt in February of 2022 to supply substantial quantities of Self Propelled Howitzers (SPH) and Armoured Ammunition Resupply Vehicle (AARV).

The contract is valued around $1.7 billion for hundreds of the K9 Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH), K10 Armoured Ammunition Resupply Vehicles, and K11 Fire Direction Control Vehicle with the SPH variant to be known as the K9A1 EGY.

The K11 Fire Direction Control Vehicle is a new vehicle to be developed for the Egyptian military. Using the K9 chassis, the command-post vehicle will be equipped with a range of high-tech sensor and communication equipment in accordance with operational requirements of the Egyptian Army and Navy.

Both Hanwha, in Korea and Australia, and Bisalloy have been working hard together behind the scenes to achieve this significant milestone for Australian Defence Industry.

“Bisalloy steel is a world class product and we are proud to be using their steel for both Australian and international programs,” HDA Managing Director Richard Cho said. “We see this very productive partnership continuing for many years as we explore further opportunities to use Bisalloy steel in the wider Hanwha product range, building on our strong foundation. Strategic supply for Korea, for both local and international programs, is an essential national requirement and Bisalloy are now a part of this solution.”

“Bisalloy is very pleased to be partnering with Hanwha for their armoured steel requirements,” Bisalloy’s Head of Armour & International Trade Andrew Huckstepp said. “We are supplying Hanwha for their Australian LAND 8116 requirements and look forward to supplying Hanwha Aerospace for their Egypt contract. We are manufacturing high hardness armour grades of steel used to protect our defence forces and Hanwha are an important partner both here in Australia and abroad. Bisalloy looks forward to supporting Hanwha in all aspects of their global requirements.”

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