USE THIS ONEKleos Space, a space-powered Radio Frequency Reconnaissance data provider, announced it has received commitments to raise A$19 million via a placement of approximately 26.38 million new ordinary fully paid CDIs. Andrew Bowyer, Kleos CEO, said “we welcome and are delighted to be supported by both existing and new high-quality institutional investors who have recognised the Kleos vision and potential. Strong participation and demand are a clear endorsement of that opportunity Following the successful launch of the Kleos Scouting Mission satellites (KSM1) on 7 November, we are now well financed to execute the launch of the second cluster of satellites; Polar Vigilance Mission (KSF1) in mid 2021, and to develop our third cluster of satellites (KSF2) targeted to be in orbit before the end of 2021.”

The in-orbit commissioning phase now commences to prepare the satellites to collect data over crucial areas of interest such as Strait of Hormuz, South China Sea, East/West Africa, Southern Sea of Japan, northern Australian coast and the Timor Sea. After the deployment, the commissioning phase has commenced. The operations team have successfully made contact with all four satellites. It has been confirmed that they have detumbled, battery status is as expected and onboard watchdogs are operational.

Kleos has engaged over 100 worldwide active B2G and B2B opportunities across its pipeline in international jurisdictions including USA, UK, Latin America, Middle East, South Pacific and Australia, representing significant annual revenue following launch and commissioning.

This second mission will be named Polar Vigilance Mission and is a cluster of four satellites, launching into a Sun Synchronous Orbit. The Polar Vigilance Mission will enhance the company’s RF geolocation data delivered by the Kleos Scouting Mission by covering areas North and South of the Scouting Mission 37-degree inclined orbit in addition to increasing overall coverage time in the equatorial region and increasing revenues.


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