has finalised an agreement with Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A. (PGZ) for MBDA’s support for PGZ’s delivery of the NAREW air defence programme for the Polish Armed Forces. NAREW will provide Poland with a highly advanced mobile air defence system capable of dealing with modern and future threats out to ranges beyond 40 km, utilising the CAMM-ER missile developed in cooperation between the UK and Italy. The PGZ-NAREW Consortium was awarded the executive contracts for NAREW in September from the Polish Armament Agency.

The agreement enables PGZ to implement these executive contracts, valued in excess of £4 billion, by concluding the terms of MBDA’s unprecedented transfer of key technologies and knowledge to PGZ. It enables the PGZ-NAREW Consortium to make more than 1,000 CAMM-ER air defence missiles and over 100 launchers for the NAREW programme in Poland. NAREW is the latest in a series of air defence projects utilising the CAMM missile family that MBDA and PGZ have been jointly contracted for in Poland. It follows from the Mała Narew urgent operational requirement contract placed in 2022 and now in service, the PILICA+ short-range air defence system contracted earlier in 2023, work on the MIECZNIK frigate programme, and studies for the future joint development of CAMM-MR. In addition MBDA and PGZ are also co-operating for the OTTOKAR BRZOZA tank destroyer project.

TDW to significantly ramp up PARM production
MBDA subsidiary TDW GmbH has been awarded a contract to produce and deliver 2,600 PARM to the German Armed Forces. TDW and the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support signed the contract on 14 November 2023, marking the beginning of the procurement.

“TDW provides core competences in the field of anti-access/area-denial systems and warheads. With the procurement, PARM is in the process of returning to serial production, making it the most available, most powerful roadside counter-mobility system on the market” stated Thomas Gottschild, Managing Director MBDA Germany.

“The order intake marks a first milestone of the ramp up of our production capacities. PARM strengthens TDW’s market position as a leading warhead company in Europe. We are convinced that PARM will help Germany, as well as other nations, develop and expand their area denial capabilities”commented Andreas Seitz, Managing Director of TDW.

PARM is a fully automated anti-tank effector that can defeat modern Main Battle Tanks. Its warhead, fuzing mechanism and sensor kit meet the technical and operational demands of today. A single soldier is able to carry PARM and the system requires little training and is combat proven. Through its modular design, PARM can easily be adapted with different sensors and a remote control.

Sweden orders MBDA’s CAMM air defense missile
MBDA announced it has signed a contract in Sweden to deliver Common Anti-air Modular Missiles (CAMMs) for the Swedish Armed Forces. The contract – signed between MBDA and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration FMV (Swedish: Försvarets materielverk) – will see MBDA supply CAMM for the Royal Swedish Navy’s five Visby Class Corvettes, which will deploy them from MBDA’s Sea Ceptor naval air defence system.

Sea Ceptor is a latest generation naval air defence system, providing robust self- and local area- air defence against simultaneous attacks, including saturation attacks, across the full 360° threat axis. With a wide target set from supersonic anti-ship missiles to attack helicopters and un-crewed air vehicles, the system has been designed to counter advanced threats.


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