USE THIS ONEThe government’s Hunter Class Frigate Program continues to ramp up its workforce and create Australian jobs with up to 40 engineers to start work on prototyping the high-tech vessel. The prime contractor for the program, ASC Shipbuilding, has signed a contract with Sydney-based professional services company GHD Group Limited (GHD) to provide the highly-skilled Australian engineers to support the prototyping at the Osborne South Shipyard.

Minister for Defence Linda Reynolds said the contract demonstrates the role that the National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise plays in creating 15,000 jobs for Australians. “This contract will create jobs at the Osborne South Shipyard, where the Navy’s nine Hunter Class anti-submarine warfare frigates will be built,” Reynolds said. “These engineers will form part of the broader shipbuilding workforce that is expected to grow to more than 6000 by 2030 to support a sovereign shipbuilding industry. The shipbuilding workforce is at the forefront of modern naval ship design and construction, driving a digital transformation of Australia’s advanced manufacturing and engineering sectors. I am proud to be part of a Government which puts faith in Australian workers and Australian industry to support and equip the Australian Defence Force.”

Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said the engineers would work across a range of disciplines including structural, outfit, layout and electrical until 2023. “This is just the latest round of jobs that the Hunter class program has created following their intake of 18 apprentices in July this year,” Price said. “The creation of these jobs complements the work ASC Shipbuilding are doing to upskill their current workforce to work on the Hunter class program through their Diploma of Digital Technology.”

The Australian government and ASC Shipbuilding will continue to increase Australian Industry Content in the Hunter Class Frigate Program in the lead up to prototyping, which is due to begin at the end of the year.


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