Systematic announced the Royal Navy (RN) has renewed the contract for the long-running support for leadership of the development of Message Text Formats (MTFs), and production of the NATO Message Catalogue (APP-11). The message formats in the catalogue cover the full spectrum of warfare from grand strategic through to individual units from all services making logistics requests. Their format makes them suitable for use in narrow bandwidth and satellite-denied environments, while still allowing human and computer processing.

The RN’s Navy Digital team are the designated custodian of the APP-11 on behalf of NATO. As Custodian, the RN is responsible for producing the catalogue which is distributed to every operational unit in the alliance. Contracting Systematic allows the RN to discharge this responsibility with confidence.

Under the new contract, Systematic staff will continue to provide technical support to the RN for the entire lifecycle of messages from the identification of the operational need, through data capture, solution development, technical review and eventual publication. This helps provide a stable leadership role and continuity as one of the longest-standing members of the NATO MTF community.

“Systematic is proud to continue to serve in this vitally important role for the Royal Navy and NATO at large, particularly as interoperability with our allies and partners is increasingly critical,” Paul Fielding, Systematic Senior Manager, Business Development, said. “Our support for the UK and Royal Navy through this programme will extend to 20 years at the end of this contract period, and we remain ready to support greater digitisation now and into the future.”

In undertaking this work, Systematic specialists will continue to regularly represent UK and RN interests at a variety of alliance working groups that help to ensure joint interoperability and standards alignment. With the RN viewed as a leader in MTF technology, these efforts increase interoperability for national and NATO planning systems furthering the goals of the NATO Federated Mission Networking (FMN) vision.

Systematic’s IRIS Suite of products sits at the core of the MTF technology. IRIS is a world-leading, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product used by many nations in their command-and-control (C2) and military message handling systems (MMHS) for working with formatted messages. IRIS simplifies orders, forms, reports, and messaging, ensuring correct and consistent data, and helps to reduce time and personnel costs through automation.

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