VAST Data announced a partnership with xAmplify, Australia’s leading AI integrator, to deliver Scaile, Australia’s first purpose-built secure AI GPUaaS Platform. The partnership with VAST and the creation of Scaile is the result of significant investment from xAmplify in VAST and NVIDIA technologies as the company prepares itself to take a key role in ushering in the new era of AI and machine learning (ML) in the region.

Fully compliant with the Australian Government’s sovereign data centre and cloud hosting requirements, Scaile will eliminate the barriers to GPU architectures for government customers, allowing them to seize the AI opportunity without having to navigate the costs, design, and support typically needed to realise implement a GPU architecture.

Scaile is powered by the incomparable NVIDIA DGX A100 and VAST Data’s Universal Storage platform and leverages VAST’s unique capabilities such as NFS-over-RDMA, NFS Multipath, and support for NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage as well as a converged fabric design. The joint reference architecture delivers more than 140GB/s of throughput for both GPU-intensive and storage-intensive AI workloads.

“XAmplify is not just another system integrator, we are Australia’s leading AI integrator,” said xAmplfy CEO, Ken Maxwell. “With this partnership; the creation of Scaile; and our proven integration expertise, we’re confident of our position to lead the charge and help the Australian Government realise the power of AI and ML. VAST is paving the way when it comes to AI and modern data storage, by utilising their leading technology we are able to roll out Scaile in a way that is accessible, effective and compliant.” 

Available through a cost-effective subscription pricing model, Scaile will deliver the next giant leap in AI-enabled elastic compute functionality, performance, security and scalability, offering customers: 

  • Immediate access to leading GPU technology for AI research, training and inference. 
  • No ingress or egress charges for data. 
  • The housing of all data, including metadata, monitoring, support and more, in Australia, where it is subject only to Australian jurisdictional control. 
  • The ability to leverage cloud efficiencies by using and only paying for the GPU compute infrastructure required. 
  • Total compliance with Australian Government sovereign data centre and cloud hosting security requirements for sensitive data. 

“Not only is Scaile a means for tapping into AI-driven insights, analytics and automation, it’s also a data storage solution,” said Howard Fyffe, Managing Director at VAST Data. “This partnership and the creation of an Australian sovereign cloud will take us one step closer to achieving our vision to democratise fast access to all data, while also helping the region prepare itself for the new era of AI computing.” 

“At xAmplify we want to do everything we can to help our customers to prepare for the data tsunami that’s ahead of them, and VAST will play a vital role in helping us achieve that,” added Maxwell. “The joint performance offered by VAST and NVIDIA is second to none, which is why we’re very pleased to be partnering with them to deliver the world’s best technology for our governments.”

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