announced that Sydney-based ground-control infrastructure specialist UGL will become the latest local partner to join the Airbus teaming arrangement in its bid to deliver next-generation military satellite communications (satcom) capability to Australia under the JP9102 programme. The unique teaming arrangement – called Team Maier – seeks to identify Australian partners in the space, technology and academic sectors to provide innovative and specialised military satcom capabilities as part of the JP9102 programme.

As well as delivering a military satcom solution to the Australian Government, the teaming approach is designed to aid the development of a long-term sovereign defence and space eco-system and capability in Australia. A leading asset solutions provider, UGL would design and construct all ground infrastructure supporting the JP9102 project, including the communications systems, network operations and systems integration, as well as its ongoing sustainment.

Team Maier will benefit from UGL’s experience supporting the Australian Defence Force over the last two decades, including in the most recent upgrade works at the Royal Australian Navy communications and logistics facility at HMAS Harman. Under the partnership, Airbus will also be able to draw on more than 7,000 UGL engineering, construction, operations and maintenance specialists in developing its end-to-end JP9102 solution, while minimising risk and enhancing sovereign defence satellite capability.

Peter Bierton, head of communications of UGL, said: “We are excited to be joining Team Maier. Its focus on a truly Australian approach to military satcom capability resonates with our desire to develop and enhance sovereign capability. We believe this type of collaboration can be the catalyst for the Australian industry to develop international leadership in satcom. We are also looking forward to continuing our positive relationship with Barpa, bringing real value-add work directly to our Indigenous population.”

Martin Rowse, Airbus Campaign Lead for the JP9102 programme, said: “UGL brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Team Maier and continues to drive our commitment to collaborate with true Australian companies. Airbus is looking forward to advancing these great discussions and development work with UGL. We also expect our respective capabilities to contribute to the best possible solution to meet Australia’s satcom requirements.”


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