EOS Defence Systems has disclosed the development of an integrated directed-energy (DE) weapon system variant of its T2000 modular medium-calibre turret, designed to address the escalating top attack threat posed to infantry/armoured fighting vehicles (IFVs/AFVs) by the proliferation and increasing sophistication of hostile unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and air-launched loitering weapon systems.

An internally funded initiative, the T2000-DE is evolved from the T2000 fully integrated manned turret system that is in development as the lethality solution for a number of programmes, including the Australian Department of Defence Land 400 Phase 3 tracked IFV requirement. A recommendation on the preferred tender for that programme is scheduled to be presented to the Australian government for consideration in 2022.

The T2000 has been designed to incorporate key technologies now considered vital on the modern battlefield. An active protection system, Iron Fist, is positioned low on the flanks of the turret to improve engagement angles and avoid interference with other sensors, while the commander’s Remote Weapon Station (RWS) is mounted forward for improved turret-down depression angles and safety during reloading.

The IronVision helmet-mounted display provides unparalleled crew safety and situational awareness, and its embedded simulation means crews maintain their skills anywhere. All this technology is presented in the same, proven, user interface as the thousands of EOS Weapon Stations in service worldwide. Simple, familiar and user friendly in the heat of battle. The T2000 is available in manned and unmanned configurations to suit customer requirements. Additionally, the T2000-DE forms the cornerstone of the Titanis CUAS capability by providing a directed energy system capable of defeating Group 3 drones ranges greater than 2km.

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