Dimdex Web Ads Asian Press Group banner 728x90FN Herstal has unveiled its latest innovation in the field of kinetic energy with the new FN Smart ProtectoR-303T less lethal solution that detects human heads to drastically reduce the risk of serious and potentially irreversible injuries.

The new FN Smart ProtectoR-303T is primarily used by law enforcement where the use of lethal force must be avoided, such as crowd control, social disturbance, riots, day to day patrol and public safety for large events.

The FN Smart ProtectoR-303T is designed around the long-proven shoulder-fired FN 303 less lethal platform, in service with a large number of law enforcement agencies, special units and military forces worldwide. The FN 303 combines optimum safety, accuracy and efficiency and is the first level of a graduated and proportionate response to an unarmed threat. Accurate enough to selectively engage an individual, the projectiles break up on impact to avoid penetration, and deliver a highly dissuasive impact similar to a baton strike beyond the range of hand-thrown projectiles.

The FN Smart ProtectoR-303T retains these capabilities with an important added safety feature. The unique innovation found on the FN Smart ProtectoR-303T is the integration of an electro-optic solution composed of an on-board camera and image processing software that detects human heads in real time, providing audible and visual warnings as well as an automated trigger blocking mechanism. This technology drastically reduces the risk of serious and potentially irreversible head-related injuries.

The FN VictoR-SP camera can record images taken during firing, providing valuable data for after-action reviews or judicial investigations. The battery has an autonomy of 5 to 12 hours depending on usage and features an automatic sleep mode to reduce power consumption. An external power pack can be added if necessary.

The FN Smart ProtectoR-303T can act as an integrated pre-mission training system. An app is available and provides a tool for weapon skills development. The user interface shows the predicted point of impact and the muzzle movement prior and after each shot in order to provide metrics on shooter weaknesses. Recorded video can also be used to rehearse against a pre-recorded scenario used on projector display.


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