’s Genesys announced its Genesys Cloud CX platform can be operated to IRAP PROTECTED level, receiving an upgrade from its previous “Official Sensitive” level.

The qualified, independent, third-party assessment by the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) will enable more Australian government agencies to innovate and transform their customer and stakeholder engagements with a secure cloud platform. This assessment also provides additional confidence to commercial businesses and organisations using Genesys Cloud CX in their regional security credentials.

“Until now, some Australian government agencies have had to extend the life of existing (often legacy) on-premises CX solutions due to the limitations of required Information Security Manual (ISM) PROTECTED level solutions. With the new IRAP operating level Genesys Cloud CX has achieved, agents can gain key insights to deliver personalised and empathetic services consistently, across integrated channels. Government agencies can now focus on seamless service delivery of customer experiences and drive meaningful engagement, rather than worrying about managing IT infrastructure – thus, reinforce their commitment to the Australian public sector,” said Tony Winterbottom, Principal, Government Business at Genesys.

Key benefits of the platform include:

  • Improved Customer Experience: Genesys Cloud CX allows Australian government agencies to deliver exceptional experiences through real-time access to interactions and data. With better insights into citizen needs and visibility into journey management metrics, organisations can identify opportunities for improvement, track progress towards goals and more
  • Improved Employee Experience: Australian government agencies can use Genesys Cloud CX to enhance employee experience by understanding, predicting and learning what employees need to unleash their best potential and reduce turnover
  • IT System Modernisation: With access to Genesys Cloud CX service from anywhere with an appropriate internet connection, government employees can work remotely or in the field. This provides local, state and federal agencies with the ability to deliver services to customers anytime, anywhere
  • Personalisation at scale with AI: Genesys Cloud CX platform provides a full suite of omnichannel capabilities and automation, enabling government organisations to modernise. With the demand for digital services on the rise, this new assessment will enable Federal, State and Local Australian government agencies to access industry-leading modern cloud customer experience (CX) solutions from Genesys to easily adopt AI, and extract key consumer insights to improve their contact centre operations, deliver integrated services, and ultimately deliver the best citizen experiences in a digital world

“The Genesys Cloud CX IRAP assessment is a significant step forward to showcase the company’s commitment to meet the Australian government mandate of delivering secure and compliant cloud services on a platform that is equipped to handle the community expectations of government agencies. To cater to Australians’ evolving needs and foster increased trust and loyalty, it has become imperative for government agencies to commit to a modernised infrastructure that can orchestrate experiences that are frictionless, secure and stable. The IRAP assessment commitment by Genesys can help government agencies to optimise customer experiences and deliver mission-critical services at every touchpoint of the human journey,” said Krishna Baidya, Sr. Director, CX, ICT Practice, Frost & Sullivan.


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