Rhode IndoPac 728 90 leaderboardFlight simulator manufacturer HAVELSAN announced that the upgrade work for 360° Rear Projected Dome Display System has been successfully completed within the framework of the TurAF’s F-16 Full Mission Simulator.

Fully in-house engineered upgrade concept includes replacement of Legacy LCoS projectors installed on the system with state of the art NVG compatible Solid state LED DLP Projectors. The upgrade involves replacing of the Automatic Alignment System with a brand-new, high quality Automatic Alignment System that features single-click calibration. Automatically controlled Motorised Optical Blending system is integrated to the system to enhance night and NVG training.

A significant improvement has been detected after the system upgrade. Colour and Luminance stability of the system will be guaranteed for long term due to usage of DLP Projection System with solid-state LED illumination source. This will ensure to decrease maintenance effort and operational costs substantially during the lifetime of the simulator.

The upgrade concept reckons with using Legacy Image Generators (thus Host Software and Visual Database) and Mechanical support structure to minimise the integration effort, also lowering the cost/schedule effect of the upgrade work.


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