https://mastconfex.comDroneShield announced that Richard Marles, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Minister for Defence, visited the new DroneShield Sydney facility in mid June. DroneShield was included into the Australian Government’s Ukraine aid package in late 2023, contributing its rapidly deployable C-UAS sensors and effectors, and was approximately half of the total package amount at the time ($10m out of the $20m total). Its products are continued to be used on the frontlines in Ukraine to stop Russian drones, as well as a substantive number of other locations globally.

The company has moved into the new and substantially enlarged premises earlier this year, with the facility currently hosting approximately 130 staff, including over 100 engineers, as well as operations, business and corporate teams. With a larger own manufacturing floor combined with growing outsourced manufacturing capacity, DroneShield has a current manufacturing capacity of approximately $400 million per annum. All of DroneShield’s R&D and manufacturing is done in Australia.

Marles said of his visit: “DroneShield is an example of an Australian high-tech success story, with world-class cutting edge local R&D and manufacturing, and growing exports around the world, with focus on the US.”

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield CEO, said: “Over the last 10 years, DroneShield has become a global leader in AI-powered C-UAS solutions. Critically in the current geopolitical environment, it is also a significant sovereign manufacturer. We are pleased to have had an opportunity to brief the Deputy Prime Minister on our operations, and look forward continuing to support Australia and its allies with our advanced technologies.”


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