SeoulAt the behest of the German government, Rheinmetall is once again supplying Ukraine with Marder infantry fighting vehicles. Awarded in May 2023, the order is worth a figure in the lower-two-digit million-euro range. The Marders are due to be delivered this summer.

Acting on behalf of the German government, Rheinmetall already shipped the first of twenty Marder IFVs to Ukraine back on 21 March 2023.  Ukraine received a further 20 of these tried-and-tested vehicles directly from existing Bundeswehr stocks. In addition to the Marders ordered to date, Rheinmetall can make a further 60 available. Work on this is already underway at Rheinmetall’s plants in Kassel and Unterlüß. Up to 10 infantry fighting vehicles can be delivered per month.

Under the German government’s “Ringtausch” programme, Greece will also be receiving 40 Marder IFVs. These too are to be shipped this summer. The “Ringtausch” is a multilateral equipment exchange programme designed to support Ukraine’s war effort in the face of Russian aggression. In cooperation with Germany’s European neighbours and NATO partners, Soviet-era heavy equipment is being transferred to Ukraine in exchange for surplus Western-made systems. Rheinmetall is taking part in various “Ringtausch” exchanges involving the armed forces of Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The vehicles being made available are overhauled Marder 1A3 systems formerly owned by the Bundeswehr. As early as spring 2022, Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH began restoring the infantry fighting vehicles to a state of immediate combat readiness at its own expense at its sites in Unterlüß and Kassel.

Developed for the Bundeswehr and still in service with the German Army, the Marder infantry fighting vehicle numbers among the most reliable weapons systems of its kind anywhere. Steadily modernised, the vehicle has undergone repeated combat upgrades in the course of its career.

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  1. The Germans unlike us Australians gave Ukraine what they asked for other than our second hand storage items.
    Typical DoD and its appalling leadership, sorry I almost left out our politicians too!!

  2. That is a very unfair statement. Australia gave the Bushmaster vehicles that were 100% perfect operational condition (of which none are no longer in operation).

    Ukraine is a lost cause and zero value return for whatever has been given to them. It gets destroyed within a few hours/minutes of being deployed many miles before the front lines. The Ukro soldiers are also intentionally tampering and meddling with the equipment to render them non operational not to go on these suicide missions against the RF.
    Thankfully most nations are turning off the tap, or reducing aid to a few drops. I look forward to seeing the videos on Tribun Timor’s channels and others, of the Marder IFV’s being blown up in the future. Ukraine lost this SMO a long time ago and only keeps going because of outside supply of equipment and mercenaries.

    • I’m reluctantly letting this one through on free speech principles even though it is clearly Russian propaganda that is wrong in every respect. Unfortunately there are a tiny number of gullible people who are susceptible to this nonsense.

      • Well Kym, prove I am wrong. You cannot. I follow the Ukraine war daily since its inception as I am a consultant and advisor to Defence.

        It is painful reading many of the articles and episodes esp the one today of the guy fighting for Ukraine. Ukraine has lost a long time ago. If you want to know exactly what is happeing with Ukraine then listen to Alex Chrisoforou, Alexander Mercouris, The Dive with Jason Hinkle, The Atlas with Brian Berlectic, Col Douglas MacGregor and Emil Cosman, Redacted Channel and Scott Ritter. You need to stop getting your news off CNN, ABC and the US puppet masters etc. My advice, and advice of a few others, with enormous evidence to the Ministers & senators was material to preventing any more hardware being given to Zelenskys corrupt regime. There are copious videos of Ukro soldiers surrendering, officers being shot for shooting wounded and exhausted soldiers. Russia is not our enemy. And the information is not from Russia but from videos of what is actually occurring. Ukraine are also faking videos as per Hinkles video today cropping out RT and the advancing RF forces into the trenches.. I am a military historian, combat & command experience over three counties (and not E Timor!) totaling 23 months daily combat (Armour/Infantry/Artillery). In the end we will be proven right. I dont know who pays your salaries Kym but they are deluded.

    • I seems to me Alex that you have never lived under Soviet oppression. I have lived in Eastern Europe and KNOW what the Russian military is really like. This diatribe of stupid commentary needs to be placed in with the Russian Embassy which is probably where it came from


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