APDR NewsletterA joint effort by the German aid organisation ADRA Deutschland e.V., the German NGO Aktionskreis Wirtschaft-Politik-Wissenschaft e.V., and Rheinmetall subsidiary Zeppelin Mobile Systeme GmbH (ZMS) shows what can be achieved when capable people team up in pursuit of a good cause. Working together, they were able to supply urgently needed medical technology to Ukraine.

In June 2022, representatives of ZMS handed over two computer tomography shelters to  Christian Molke, chairman of the Board of ADRA Deutschland e.V. and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. at its Meckenbeuren location, with Tobias Kurzmaier, Aktionskreis Wirtschaft-Politik-Wissenschaft e.V., in attendance. These shelters are designed for high-mobility operations under extreme conditions. On behalf of the Mayor of Kyiv, Dr Vitali Klitschko, retired state secretary Dr Bogdan Balasynovych took delivery of the shelters as well as peripheral equipment, including two trucks and a mobile generator for the city of Kyiv.

“We are extremely grateful to everyone involved in this effort for their terrific commitment. Everybody knew that time was of the essence when people’s lives were at stake, especially given the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Cooperation was invariably fast, flexible and solution oriented,” said Molke.

“Just six weeks elapsed between receipt of the order through ADRA Deutschland e.V. and transfer of the shelters to the city of Kyiv at the beginning of June,” said Hauke H. Bindzus, chairman of the ZMS board of management. “Together with our strategic partners like Siemens as well as ADRA, the initiator and donor, and Aktionskreis Wirtschaft-Politik-Wissenschaft e.V., we demonstrated the pragmatism necessary for getting the job done”, adds Bindzus. “Moreover, we’re especially happy that we could contribute in this way to improving the situation of the people in Ukraine.”

Dr Bogdan Balasynovych, who was instrumental in getting the shelters to Kyiv, has now confirmed that they have arrived safely and have been handed over to their users.

APDR Newsletter

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