The functions of self-protection systems must be guaranteed at all times. With the compact, 4-in-1 “missim” test device, the third generation from RUAG, users can quickly and easily check the proper functioning of flight systems. 

Helicopters, flight systems and their crews are confronted with complex threats during military operations or humanitarian missions in conflict areas. Absolute confidence in all capabilities and systems is needed. Mission and flight safety always take top priority and self-protection systems make a crucial contribution to this. A reliable check of self-protection systems before each use guarantees the necessary safety. 

Since the introduction of the test device”missim” for self-protection systems in 2009, the second generation (MK2) has reached the end of its product life cycle and will no longer be sold. The service and availability of spare parts for the second generation of the test device are ensured for the years to come. 

The latest and innovative 4-in-1 “missim” (MK3) test device is used to check the proper functioning of self-protection systems. The compact sensor tester provides a “go or no-go” result quickly and reliably for the upcoming flight. The compact and multifunctional sensor tester is compatible with most self-protection systems, does not require modifications to the flight system and is used by both crews and manufacturers (OEMs). 

In addition to general further development of its existing functions and improved ergonomics, the latest generation has an additional emitter. The test device can simulate almost all threat scenarios using a radar, laser, guided missiles (UV and/or IR profile) and hostile fire.

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