KADEX 2024 Banner 728x90SCYTALYS announced the handover of the System Interoperability Kodal (SIK) program to the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) following the successful completion of a $49 million contract awarded by the Indonesian Ministry of Defence.

The SIK Program represents a pivotal step in the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) modernisation roadmap, establishing a robust and customised Interoperability Framework across all TNI sectors. This framework, designed and developed by SCYTALYS, enables the TNI Headquarters (MABES TNI) to forge its Network-Centric Warfare (NCW) Interoperability environment, facilitating a seamless flow of tactical information across all sectors of the Indonesian Armed forces.

At the heart of this strategic Program, lies the state-of-the-art Command and Control (C2) Centre, a centralised hub hosting the provided Interoperability Framework thoroughly designed and delivered by SCYTALYS.

A key achievement of the SIK Program is the delivery of the Indonesian National Data Link Standard (INDL), an advanced Data Link protocol that revolutionises interoperability between all sectors of the Indonesian Armed Forces. The INDL technology enhances situational awareness and operational readiness, but more importantly provides Data Link sovereignty to Indonesia. Additionally, the generation of the Common Operational Picture (COP) is facilitated through seamless exchange of data with the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Air Defense headquarters, powered by SCYTALYS core product portfolio, namely MIMS C2 and ULS.

SCYTALYS has also delivered the Integrated Surveillance and Monitoring Station in the strategically vital location of Natuna, situated in the South China Sea that reinforces situational awareness in this critical sea border. Moreover, SCYTALYS has invested in the capacity-building of Indonesian personnel and the local defence industry by providing extensive training courses, conducted both in Greece and Indonesia, ensuring that the Indonesian Armed Forces are equipped with the necessary skills to leverage the full potential of the implemented solution.


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