Statement from Michael Ward

Raytheon Australia is pleased to announce the creation of 50 new local jobs from the company’s Naval Sustainment Hub at its Macquarie Park facility in Sydney.  These new jobs will be created from today with the public announcement that Raytheon Australia will support the Air Warfare Destroyer combat system during the destroyer’s initial period of support.  

BAE Systems is managing contractor of a new Destroyer Enterprise where it is contracting Raytheon as combat system integrator for the destroyer, Navantia as ship designer and Thales as ship repairer.

As combat system integrator for the Air Warfare Destroyer for the past decade this is another proud day for Raytheon Australia and I want to thank Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, for recognising the importance of this milestone not just to the company but to the nation.    

On the back of ten million hours of complex combat system integration experience Raytheon has become Australia’s largest and most capable combat system integrator.  This announcement affirms that we are the country’s sovereign combat system integrator as well.

The 500 naval combat system jobs we provide across Australia are amongst the most skilled and sought after roles in defence industry.  Now they are at the core of a workforce that can genuinely enhance Australia’s industrial sovereignty in our national security interest.

Accordingly, I am also pleased to officially announce a new campaign to support the Government’s “Workforce behind the Defence Force” information campaign.  Raytheon’s new digital campaign will showcase the individual efforts of members of our highly capable systems engineering workforce and their personal contribution to the company’s ten million hours of complex combat system design and integration.

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