SMART SHOOTER, a manufacturer of fire-control systems that increase the accuracy and lethality of small arms, announced that the company has been selected by the US Army and endorsed by the US Department of Defense (DoD) as one of a handful of approved Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-sUAS) solution providers.

The designation of SMART SHOOTER as one of only three DoD-approved dismounted/ handheld systems by the Army – the DoD’s Executive Agent for the C-UAS mission area — follows an extended Army-led assessment of more than three dozen competing C-UAS systems. The Army notes that this assessment identified current systems for future investment based on criteria such as effectiveness, usability, sustainment, and integration.

SMART SHOOTER’s SMASH family of Fire Control solutions – capable of leveraging targeting data from a wide range of EO, RF and radar sensors — can be integrated onto any assault rifle, as well as combined with other C-UAS systems, to provide an effective multi-layer defence solution suitable for the modern battlefield.

Bringing precision-missile targeting algorithms and advanced electro-optical processing capabilities into standard infantry, SMASH enables the creation of a micro-tactical network between deployed SMASH units, allowing the entire platoon to be smart, precise, and connected.

SMART SHOOTER’s fire-control technology allows the operator to quickly and effectively neutralise any ground or airborne, manned or unmanned threat through automatic detection, tracking, and effective engagement.

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