The Hungarian armed forces have ordered advanced radar systems from Rheinmetall. A contract to this effect was signed on 11 December 2020. Together with its partner Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Rheinmetall will be supplying radar systems designed for various missions. Shipment of the systems will begin at the end of 2022 and run through to the end of 2027. In its capacity as general contractor, Rheinmetall Canada will be supplying the advanced active 3D radar systems, which are made by Rheinmetall’s partner ELTA, a subsidiary of IAI.

Hungary is Rheinmetall Canada’s most important export customer in the field of radar system integration. In its home market, Rheinmetall Canada has already cooperated successfully with IAI/ELTA in MRR projects previously completed for the Canadian armed forces and intends to leverage its expertise acquired in Canada for its new NATO customer.

“Together with our partner IAI/ELTA, we are proud to have been picked to modernise the Hungarian military’s radar capabilities”, declares Stéphane Oehrli, president and CEO of Rheinmetall Canada. “In terms of technology transfer, our Hungarian partners also stand to benefit from this project. We’re very happy to be involved in this international project and to be able to help grow the Hungarian defence industry.”

The joint program between Rheinmetall and IAI/ELTA Systems for the localisation and delivery of Multi Mission Radar systems is continuing the cooperation initiated in the Canadian MRR program.


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