Bisalloy Steel Group announced that the first of two high-performance armour steel grades has passed German government certification after two years of research, development and testing in collaboration with Rheinmetall Defence Australia. This qualifies the steel to be manufactured for Rheinmetall’s Australian-built BOXER 8×8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV), for export to customers and as a source of supply for Rheinmetall in Germany. Bisalloy developed a new type of ‘O-grade’ armour steel in order to meet the protection levels required for the BOXER 8×8 CRV. The company said this specialised armour steel recently passed the German government qualification process with the BAAINBw (German government testing authority).

Testing of even stronger ‘Z-grade’ armour steel will soon take place in order to meet the  protection levels required for each BOXER 8×8 CRV and ensure the best protection for Australian soldiers to ensure they survive and win in combat. Final phases of testing are scheduled to commence in Germany in July with final certification expected this year.

Bisalloy CEO Gregory Albert.

Bisalloy Steel Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Greg Albert said the achievement confirmed the company’s place in the new military vehicle industry for Australia – for supply to the Australian Defence Force and among world class producers of armour steel globally. “Bisalloy is proud to have achieved this critical milestone after significant investment in research, development and testing of armour steel alongside our partners Bluescope Steel and Rheinmetall,” Albert said.

Bisalloy is also working with Rheinmetall as part of the company’s offer – the LYNX KF 41 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) – for the A$10 billion LAND 400 Phase 3 program and the supply of more than 400 IFVs to the ADF.

Bisalloy has a long history of collaboration with the ADF. Developed in the 1980s for use in the hulls of the Royal Australian Navy’s Adelaide Class Frigate, BISALLOY Armour steel has since been used in several other local defence projects, including the Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicles.

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